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Feel amazing - Be amazing.


BIVÁ Tonic lifts you to new heights.

BIVÁ Tonic is a symphony of nature's best ingredients playing together to support you to feel and be amazing.

Caffeine-Free Plant Powered Energy
Anxiety-Free Focus
An uplifted mood

Feel Inspiration

BIVÁ Tonic gives the feeling of a motivational lift, increased social connection, and uplifting calm energy.

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    improves cognition, anxiety reduction


    Reduce stress and anxiety, calming


    anti-inflammatory, reduce soreness


    combat fatigue, improve productivity, enhance mood


    increase focus and attention, alert relaxation

  • MACA

    increase stamina, improve mood and reduce anxiety


    improves brain function and cognition


    vasodilator, anti-inflammatory


    boost thinking and memory processes


    adaptogenic, reduces fatigue


    reduce stress and anxiety, improve brain function, and increase strength and stamina


    treat stress-induced fatigue, enhance physical performance

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  • ★★★★★

    I've been trying to conquer this obsession with sugar, and one of my worst additions is energy drinks and coffee. I've noticed the effects it's had on my mental health. I started my sugar fast again and because of Biva Tonic I'm in a much better mood. I feel more focused. I feel more "mentally energetic". If I'm being honest, Biva has really helped. I appreciate you so much!!!

    -James Black
    Actor | Filmmaker

    Martial Artist

  • ★★★★★

    I love the energy boost I get in the mornings and focus! Really great for all day energy for tasks. I also love taking one before a long adventure. I took one before rock climbing and was able to have energy all day long!


    Highliner | Climber

  • ★★★★★

    You nailed the flavor. I definitely am feeling that uplift. I’m certainly liking the product and feeling the effects that I’m looking for! I don’t feel a sharp crash when the effects wear off I feel like I’m slowly being handed back down but still got the energy driving.

    -Ryan Beaty

  • ★★★★★

    Why I love Biva Tonic:

    1. Always puts me in a good mood :)
    2. Gives me focus at work
    3. Gives me energy and motivation at the gym
    4. Tastes like ginger and pineapple

    -May Kaewhawong
    Marketer | Acrobat

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No Compromises

BIVÁ Tonic contains only natural botanical plant ingredients. Nothing artificial and no late night mad-hatter concoctions. BIVA Tonic is as much about what we leave out as what we include. That means no added sugar and no caffeine or other gnarly stimulants.

BIVÁ Tonic is natural, plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, dairy free, and of course alcohol free.

Packed with a unique scientifically formulated blend of botanicals and nutrients, BIVÁ Tonic is the go-to solution for combating fatigue and maintaining smooth vibes throughout the day without jitters or a crash.

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Support Immune Health

Strengthen your body's natural defenses with BIVÁ TONIC, a carefully crafted formula that supports immune health. Enriched with powerful antioxidants and immune-boosting herbs, this tonic helps fortify your system, providing a proactive approach to wellness. Make Biva Tonic a part of your daily routine to ensure you're ready to face the challenges of a busy life while maintaining optimal immune function.


Enhance Mental Clarity

Elevate your cognitive performance and achieve mental clarity with BIVÁ TONIC. Specially formulated to support brain function, this tonic contains a blend of herbs and nutrients known for their cognitive-enhancing properties. Whether you're navigating a demanding workday or facing mental fatigue, Biva Tonic is your ally in promoting focus, concentration, and overall mental well-being.


Restore Balance with Biva Tonic for Stress Relief:

Unwind and find your inner balance with BIVÁ TONIC for stress relief. BIVÁ TONIC's unique formulation combines stress-reducing herbs and adaptogens to help you manage the demands of a hectic lifestyle. Experience a sense of calm and relaxation as BIVÁ TONIC soothes the mind and body, making it an essential addition to your daily routine. Embrace a more balanced and stress-free life with the natural support of BIVÁ TONIC.